Things to Keep in Mind for Your First Time with an Escort

By | January 15, 2019

Clients are always very anxious when they hire an escort for the first time. They are often nervous about what to do and how to introduce themselves. That means some very many individuals want to get laid by an escort, but they are very shy to take the initial steps. This article will give you some tips on what to expect when having sex with an escort for the first time.

Before Arrival

Ensure that your place is tidy – whether you are in lodging or at home. Just like a date, you will impress if you are dressed well and clean. Cleaning your mouth is also necessary.

After Arrival

After your escort arrives, welcome her in a friendly, but careful, manner as if he/she is your regular visitor. Give your escort some moments to rest and familiarize with the surroundings. Also, ensure that you pay her the fee straight away. The sooner you make payments, the sooner you can dive into the pleasure-giving part.

Do not try to kiss, grab, or get sexy on your escort before paying the fee. It seems rude and will make your escort feel uncomfortable.

Health and Hygiene Check

After relaxing, your escort may undertake a health check on you by offering you foreplay to ensure everything is okay down there. I know it sounds rude, but a professional escort will ensure it is fun.
Also, your escort can ask you to have a shower, even if you had one before he/she arrived. Like the health check, it is not personal, and it does not mean you are not clean at all. It is a necessary procedure of ensuring that you are both fresh before the action.

Commencement of Business

This is the toughest part to elaborate because everyone has their method. It is an enjoyable experience to get intimate with a stranger. But starting with a little drink, cuddling, and kissing could result in more intense foreplay. If you are unsure of the best approach, let your escort be the pacesetter. If you have anything you want and feel like you are moving very fast, feel free to inquire – “can I kiss?” or “is it okay if we go to bed?” Requesting is sexy, and escorts love it.

The Real Action

When it is time to have sex, your experience is dependent on your escort and what you want. In general, an escort service includes oral sex and intercourse, but always remember that you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want.

Just ensure that you are respectful and friendly to get the best experience. Be attentive to the wishes of your escort, because if she is not having fun, the experience will be miserable for both of you.

After doing all these, it is now time to take another drink and fantasize on the fun you have had with your beautiful escort from Charlotte Action Escorts.

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